Saturday, December 26, 2009

Neobux tips

NeoBux is one of the biggest and most trusted PTC (Paid To Click) sites in existence.
Its members have cashed out a total of $15,153,156.20 at the time of writing this post. Yes, that’s over 15 MILLION dollars!

As with most PTC sites, you only get paid about $0.01 for each advert you click at NeoBux, and you only get a minimum of 4 ads a day to click. Because of this, it might seem like a waste of time trying to earn a lot of money with NeoBux, but by renting referrals or even getting your own ‘Direct Referrals’, you can earn more than you’d think. Some members earn thousands in profits every month!

Here I am writing to let you know how you can start getting your own income stream from NeoBux

Before you do anything else, of course you have to Sign Up To NeoBux. Simply click here and follow the instructions.
Once you have registered and logged in, read the rest of this guide to learn how to start earning.

Click Your Ads
Seeing as NeoBux is a PTC, it’s obvious that the main way of earning money is by clicking ads. This is a simple process – simply click on the ‘View Advertisements’ link at the top of the page:

Then click on the title of one of your ads:

Then click on the red dot that appears:

The advertisement will open in a new window, with a NeoBux banner at the top. Once the advertisement has fully loaded, you’ll see a bar like this:

After the bar fills up, you’ll get a message like the one below. This means you can close the window and your account has been credited with the money for viewing the ad.

As a Standard Member, you get at least 4 ads a day to view, earning you $0.04 a day or more. Golden members get more ads (at least 9 a day). Simply clicking ads on its own won’t get you earning thousands a month, but you must click on all your ads every day to be able to earn more.

The way to earn a lot of money with NeoBux is by getting referrals.
There are two types of referrals – direct referrals and rented referrals.

Direct Referrals

These are simply referrals you earn by referring people you know or advertising NeoBux to other people. Anyone who signs up using your referral link becomes your direct referral.
To gain direct referrals, click on the ‘Banners’ button on the navigation when you’re signed into NeoBux. You’ll find your referral link there, along with banners which can be used to advertise your referral link. These are the different banners that can be used:

Renting Referrals

Another way of getting referrals is by renting them. This way is MUCH easier and faster, although it does cost money. Referrals are rented per month, and at the moment they cost roughly $0.25 per referral. You may only rent referrals once a week, and the largest amount you can rent at one time as a Standard member is 100 referrals.

Referrals can be bought using your ‘Renting Balance’:

To get money into your Renting Balance, you can either transfer it from your ‘Main Balance’ (money you’ve already earned from NeoBux) or you can pay with real money, from your PayPal, AlertPay or Neteller account. To transfer money to your Renting Balance using any of these methods, click on the Renting Balance link (as shown above) from your Account page in NeoBux. You’ll be taken to a page like this, where you can transfer money:
The minimum amount you can transfer from your Main Balance is $0.10, and the minimum from any of the other methods is $5.

Once you’ve rented referrals, you’ll be able to keep track of them:

If a referral doesn’t click on ads as often as you’d like, you can ‘Recycle’ it and have the referral replaced by a new one. All referrals that are rented have clicked on at least 11 ads in the past 5 days, so most of the time they are active enough already.
Also, referrals can be extended on the same page. If you don’t want your referrals to run out, you can extend them for another 30, 60 or 90 days. You get a 10% discount for extending them by 60 days and a 20% discount if you extend them by 90 days. So, the cheapest way of having referrals is to always extend them by 90 days!

If you don’t want to invest any of your actual money in NeoBux, it’s recommended that you click on your ads every day until you have enough money to rent some referrals. Then rent your referrals and earn more from them. Soon, you’ll have enough to rent some more… Simply keep renting them and extending them using the money you’ve already earned from NeoBux, and soon enough you’ll be earning loads!
Obviously, though, it’s faster if you invest some of your own money to buy referrals, which is what I did. I’ve rented 519 referrals so far and extended most of them for 90 days. So i’ve spent quite a lot on NeoBux, but i’m already well on my way to making all that money again + profits!

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