Saturday, December 19, 2009

What is PTC?

PTC is pay to click program. By this u can earn money by click the ads and watching it for 30 seconds.

How can i earn from PTC sites?
There are thousands of PTC sites are there over the internet. So u need to pick some right ones to get paid. U can find the legit PTC sites by reading reviews on the publlic forum about best PTC sites as I said in my last post.
Pick a legit site and join there by simple signup and get paid through Paypal or Alertpay.

* After joined the sites some ads will be available for u to click click on the ads and wait for some time to load and get credited. Usually u will earn a minimum of $0.01 per click. U can click four ads per day. so ur income will be 4 x 0.01=0.04
* U may wonder that 0.04 is very low how to make a big money. Yes ofcourse its very but the real money will come from your refferals. Every time your refferals click on the ad u will gain 50% or 100% of the money from your refferals.
* you may think its hard to reffer others. U have an other option to rent refferals or buy referalls from the ptc sites.

How much can i earn?
Basically u will gt $0.01 for one click.
u will get $0.005 or $0.01 for ur refferal clicks.
There will be some difference between premium members and standard members.

What will be ur earnings if u have more referals?
Just check out this chart

1. you click 10 ads per day = $ 0.10
2.100 referals click 4 ads a day =$ 4.00
3. ur daily income = $ 4.10
4. ur monthly income =$ 123

$123 is a big money for 30 minutes a day.
U can receive ur money through paypal or alertpay.
Its just an example with 100 refferals there are people working with 5000- 10000 refferals with the monthly income of more than $3000. But it is not easy to reffer 5000 people. But they did that because of their patience over ptc sites. u cant make those big money in a single day. U should have to take it as a part time and after 6 months or so depends on ur refferal growth that will be a primary income for ur home. So be patient on PTC sites and earn huge money.

There are plenty of legit PTC sites over the internet. But I can recommend u one site with very proffessional with millions of people making money is NEOBUX.

We will see about Neobux features on next post.

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